El Judio Maravilloso. Salsa Legend.


Greatest Hits

Fifteen tracks of Larry Harlow’s greatest hits from the heady days of the ‘60s & ‘70s when Harlow crossed cultures and immersed himself in the history of Latin music. These tunes rocked the dance floors, rang out from street corners and were blasted from block parties, cars and windows. A showcase for singers, arrangers and composers, classics such as “La Cartera,” “El Jardinero del Amor,” “Abran Paso,” “Señor Sereno,” “Tumba y Bongo,” “Arsenio” and “Venceré” continue to appear on compilations and are favored fan requests for the vocalists who made them popular even as they enjoy solo careers today. Extreme and edgy, stretching boundaries and breaking barriers of resistance to outsiders, Larry Harlow has not only survived a niche industry like Latin music, he’s marked his territory on a foundation of innovation without compromising quality.  Check out more of his music at Fania Records.